Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blah Blah Blog

The Oregonian printed an article (with the above title) about how easy it is to start a blog, challenged everyone (OMG) to start one and to send them the address by Feb 28. They'll publish a list of the "most interesting ones" on March 9th. So I here I am.

I may comment on a news article in the Oregonian, Tribune, or Mercury; a Letter to the Editor of one of the local papers; a news story from OPB radio or TV, or perhaps MSM.

I may report on a domestic project or issue, a neighborhood project or issue, a city project or issue, a metro area ..., a regional ..., a national ..., a continental ..., or a world project or issue. (I left out village, community, town, and a couple others.) I want to comment on these projects and/or issues to raise awareness of the possibility of a world where solutions are obtainable because they fit into a common framework. (I don't have all the answers yet, just an inner-credo, and a positive attitude!)

Most of the projects will likely be local, but I reserve the right to comment on any situation anywhere in the world. I promise not to just spout opinions as you can find plenty of them other places on the Internet. I will only create an entry about a problem or issue if I have an idea for a solution. If you come back from time to time, I hope that you will not find me bombing other countries, and so on.

To bootstrap the blog, I will make a couple dozen entries about the notion of remixing the world. Then I will make entries as above, or to report on some new aspect of my world model, or some reflection upon it.

I assume my style may vary until I figure it out. I edit and preview each entry multiple times... but I still keep tweaking an entry the first day as it settles in, so don't be surprised to see it change a little from one viewing to the next.

I may add a quote or poem or lyric from time to time. Many days from now, I may get to adding small graphics, after I win the lottery and retire.

I deliberately don't intend this to be a forum, at least in the beginning, while I establish a positive space. Let me tell you an idea I have for an ultimate world wide wiki of sorts, in a future remixed entry.