Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blah Blah Blog (Remix)

On February 9th, The Oregonian wrote: "If this article inspires you to start your own blog, we want to know about it. E-mail the name and Web address of your blog to living@oregonian... Include your full name, location, and what you hope to accomplish with the blog." So, this is what I sent on Sunday, February 25th.

World Remixed - Toward an Organic World Model.
John Edward Miller

My Location:
     PERSON         John Miller
NEIGHBORHOOD Boone's Ferry Road
VILLAGE Collins View
COMMUNITY Burlingame
TOWN Southwest
AREA Portland
REGION Pacific Northwest
NATION America
CONTINENT North America

What I Hope to Accomplish: To Stimulate myself and others to think about how we might re-design and re-align our "man-made" systems, to Motivate myself to continue work on my own incomplete world model, and to Accumulate a body of writing on the application of that framework to real world problems.

Unsolicited Comments: Thanks for the challenge. My toughest job wasn't coming up with ideas and words. The Title took days, then figuring out how to serialize material into blog-sized chunks — offering something discrete in each entry and making it rewarding to read. Developing a blogging style seemed to be a challenge, but I'm finding it similar to sending well-written e-mail messages to groups of people. My first blog entry was February 21, 2007, after mulling over your challenge.

Steve Woodward responded:

Thanks for letting us know about your blog. I really like the thoughtful content. By sheer coincidence (or maybe not), "Communication Defines Community" addresses the very issues The O is grappling with right now. Your concept of a distributed news system is fascinating and, I think, new.

On March 9th, 2007 WORLD REMIXED will be listed in the Oregonian. Look for a special entry on that day!